AxioVR will supply Virtual Reality Solutions to clients with customized software paradigm for Research, Training and Marketing Application. This includes hardware for Virtual Reality, customed designed software paradigms as well as biofeedback applications.

academic research

AXIOVR provides researchers with innovative VRsolutions for research in social psychology, spatial cognition, perception, and countless other fields. Our technology enables experimental setups that would be impossible in the real world, while guaranteeing high experimental control and ecological validity.

• Create controlled and experimental setups.
• Manipulate the world in ways normally
impossible or prohibitively expensive.
• Integrate physiological data and  repeatable biofeedback while automating analysis.
• Perform research with a high degree of ecological validity.
• Provide compelling sense of personal,
social and environmental “presence” for subjects.




"Increase experimental realism without compromising control"
health care


architecture, engineering and construction

AXIOVR gives professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industry the ability to walk through their models at full scale. Our solutions facilitate more effective communication with clients and increased collaboration across teams, ultimately reducing design costs and shortening time to market.

• Demonstrate your designs in vivid virtual detail, enabling clients to understand and experience their value.
• Collaborate with multiple users to make earlier and better informed decisions.
• Easily import BIM and CAD files to
experience 3D models at full scale.
• Precise motion tracking provides natural and immersive experience.
• Switch between design alternatives

and multiple environments in real time.


"Visualize and experience your plans before construction begins"
product design & manufacturing

Our clients are creating the future of healthcare and medicine by deploying virtual reality solutions from surgery simulations and medical training to psychological treatment and patient care experiences

. • Present design and building projects to doctors, nurses and staff and obtain valuable feedback, even before                construction begins.

• Utilize virtual reality exposure therapy in combination with biofeedback to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions (phobias, substance addiction, skills development, PTSD, anxiety disorders and more).

• Take medical lab and equipment design review to the next level.

• Perform advanced surgical training with no risk. 

"Enhance communication, training and therapy with cost-effective solutions."

AXIOVR is changing the way manufacturing and design companies evaluate their prototypes and training methods. Our virtual reality solutions streamline creation and visualization of immersive 3D content for product review, testing and training while reducing cost.


• Render stunning virtual prototypes at true optical scale.

• Streamline workflow process to evaluate prototypes.

• Make informed early-stage design decisions on reach ability and visibility.

• Increase collaboration between designers and clients.

• Practice virtual assembly or develop a training course.

• Simulate workplace environments, safety hazards or machinery operation to ensure effective safety training.

"Transform CAD data into virtual models ready for live interaction."